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PUCHEROS -PUC High Echelle Resolution Optical Spectrograph - is a fiber fed echelle spectrograph installed at the 50 cm Telescope. It covers the entire visible spectral range in one single exposure, it is a mostly used for observation and monitoring of a bright stars.

Pucheros was built at the center of Astro Engeniering-UC and funded by a Fondecyt Project.


PI: L. Vanzi J. Chacon, M. Baffico, A. Avila, C. Guirao

SCIENCE TEAM T. Rivinius, S. Stefl, D. Baade, K. Helminiak

Fiber Link

Pucheros is connected to the telescope via a 50 micron core optical fibre. The fiber is fed with f/5 by a small achromatic triplet lens. The interface at the telescope hosts the calibration lamp and an acquisition/guide camera.

The spectrograph

The spectrograph is based on a simple optical design which mostly employs commercial components. Two prisms are used as cross dispersing elements, those were custom manufactured. The objective is made of an achromatic doublet and a meniscus lens. Most mechanical supports of the optics were manufactured at the Department of Mechanics and Metallurgy of PUC. The spectrograph is hosted in a plastic case to protect it from dust.


The CCD camera is a FLI Pro Line PL1001E 1024x1024


PUCHEROS: a low-cost fiber-fed Echelle Spectrograph for the visible spectral range

PUCHEROS Early Science: A New Be+sdO Candidate

Spectroscopic observations of Nova Cen 2013 (spectra)

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