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The Tololo 40cm (Cassegrain f/18.75) in one of the first two 16-inch telescopes deployed by KPNO. These were designed by Aden Meinel and Bill Baustian and built by the Phemco

Corporation of Phoenix. These two telescopes originally were built and used for site testing on Kitt Peak and Hualapai Mountain. Later they were used for photoelectric photometry.

A few years later, as both KPNO and CTIO grew, the two Phemco telescopes, labeled #1 and #2, were shipped to Chile. The first 16-inch at CTIO had also been one of the first at KPNO. This telescope is now part of the Universidad Catolica Observatory. More information on the history of the 16inch telescope can be found here

The Tololo 40cm currently works with the STL-1001E camera.

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