CosmoAndes 2018 is a Conference & School of Cosmology that will be held in Santiago (Chile) from 15th to 19th of January 2018. It is intended to present to the international and Chilean community the current status of the cosmological research carried out from Chilean observatories, to show the future opportunities and expectations that Chile offers for the development of cosmology, as well as to train Chilean and international students in the main topics of cosmology.

We expect the attendance of prominent researchers in the field of Cosmology in order to present the state-of-the-art of relevant topics such as:

  • Standard Model of Cosmology.
  • Cosmic Microwave Background.
  • Large Scale Structures of the Universe.
  • Dark Universe.
  • Re-ionization Epoch.

In addition, experiments and surveys such as ACT, POLARBEAR/Simons Array, CLASS, Simons Observatory, LSST, SDSS-IV, DES, KiDS, VST ATLAS, Lager, UVAS and many others, will present their latest development and results.

During the afternoon, a parallel session will be dedicated to the School. This event is an unique opportunity for students to strengthen their knowledge in the selected areas of the School: Large Scale Structure, Cosmic Microwave Background and Statistical Methods for Cosmology. Please, note that we have a limited number of 20 students for the School. We encourage students interested in cosmology, both undergraduate and postgraduate, to apply for available scholarships.

Invited Speakers

The plenary talks, keynotes and lectures will be conducted by prominent researchers with a huge experience in the field of Cosmology:

  • Charles Bennett
  • Michael Blanton
  • Dick Bond
  • Martin Bucher
  • Catherine Heymans
  • Renée Hložek
  • Boris Leistedt
  • Sangeeta Malhotra
  • Lyman Page
  • Will Percival
  • Hernán Quintana
  • Adam Riess
  • Tom Shanks
  • Suzanne Staggs
  • Matías Zaldarriaga
  • and more…

Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC)

  • Charles Bennett (Johns Hopkins University, USA)
  • Michael Blanton (New York University, USA)
  • Richard Bond (CITA-Toronto, Canada)
  • Martin Bucher (APC, France & UKZN, South Africa)
  • Rolando Dünner (Pontificia Universidad Católica, Chile)
  • Leopoldo Infante (Pontificia Universidad Católica & Carnegie, Chile)
  • Sangeeta Malhotra (Arizona State University, USA)
  • Lyman Page (Princeton University, USA)
  • Tom Shanks (Durham University, UK)

Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

CosmoAndes 2018 is organized by the Centro de Astro-ingeniería (AIUC) of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC):

  • Felipe Barrientos
  • Carlos Caire
  • Carlos López-Caraballo
  • Loïc Maurin
  • Lilena Montenegro
  • Nelson Padilla
  • Arianne Rodriguez-Saltron