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Geryon and Geryon2 are computers clusters dedicated to astrophysical calculations for the Chilean astronomical community, located at the Centre for Astro-Engineering of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Both clusters are CATA facilities.

Geryon cluster contains 64 nodes, with a total of 128 Intel Xeon Quad-Core CPUs (512 cores), 1024 GB of RAM, 40 TB of disk space (iSCSI), and a 64-bit architecture Linux system running over a 1 GBps Ethernet network.

The Geryon2 supercomputer consists of 13 CPUs of 40 cores each (520 cores) with a total of 4 Tb of memory and with InfiniBand connection, also with a 64-bit architecture Linux system. This computer should be a factor of 5-10 improvement in performance over Geryon.

Development and execution tools in both clusters include Intel Fortran and Intel C compilers (ifort, icc), mpich2, Distributed Resource Management (DRM) software (Sun Grid Engine in Geryon and TORQUE in Geryon2) and GNU standard tools (gcc, g++, gfortran, etc).

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