Conference Location:

The conference will be located in Campus San Joaquin of Universidad Catolica which is located just next to the subway station San Joaquin, in ‘Linea 5’ (the green line of the subway).

For people coming from Providencia, take the red line till ‘Baquedano’ subway station and change to the green line in direction to ‘Vicente Valdes’.

Alternatively, if staying in the hotels in the Bellas Artes district take the green line directly.

Most Metro stations in Santiago are wheelchair accessible, as is in particular Estación San Joaquín.

The exit from the Metro station is ~100m from the venue.

The conference will be held in the Centro de Innovación, which is the tall building immediately to the left when entering the campus from the side of Metro San Joaquin.

Accessibility and inclusiveness

The venue, including access to lecture halls, is wheelchair accessible.   Accessible restrooms are available on the ground floor of the main meeting venue.  No stairs are required to access the presentation areas at the fronts of the meeting rooms.

Metro de Santiago, including station San Joaquin, where the venue is located, is also wheelchair accessible.

The suggested hotels are in a different part of town; we recommend (see below) for accommodation close to the venue.

Non-gendered restrooms can be available but will need key access to reach them.  Please contact Lilena Montenegro ( to request access.

If you have any accessibility concerns or requirements, or would like some assistance to ensure an accessible and inclusive meeting, contact Amy Jones, COINS representative for the SOC (ymamay at

List of possible accommodations

It is possible to find a range of offers of shared and individual apartments on near the venue.  Use the search line “Campus san joaquin – Benito Rebolledo, Macul, Chile” to find accommodation near campus.  Recommended for people who are limited to walking short distances.

The following is a list of recommended hotels in the hotel district. Those making reservations should indicate that they are attending the “SDSS-IV Collaboration Meeting”.

Hotel Ismael 312

Address: Ismael Valdés Vergara 312

Near metro station Bellas Artes; ~25 min from campus San Joaquín.

Standard single room: USD$120


Email: (att. Paula Fica)

Apart-hotel Nueva de Lyon

Address: Nueva de Lyon 0170

Near metro station Los Leones; ~35 min from campus.

Standard room: USD$90


Email: (att. Gloria Pérez)

Apart-hotel By the Andes Lastarria

Address: Jose Victorino Lastarria 70, Torre Sur

Near metro stations Bellas Artes and Universidad Católica; ~30 min from campus.

Standard single room: USD$80


Email:; (att. Humberto Marín)

Santiago Suite Apartments

Address: Merced 562

Near metro station Bellas Artes; ~25 min from campus.

Rooms from USD$60 to USD$100



Providencia Suite Apartments

Address: Santa Magdalena 68

Near metro station Los Leones; ~35 min from campus.

Rooms from USD$60 to USD$100